Halloween Readathon Update #1

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve updated. I’ve been reading of course and have posts planned, just haven’t had time to get my thoughts together to write a post. (You can expect one soon however.)

In the meantime though, I am participating in the weekend long Readathon put on by YABooksReviewed which conveniently coincided with my “Study Days” from school.

Some of you might be asking what the purpose of “Study Days” are, since its not around a holiday. You might also be wondering why I am putting quotation marks around “Study Days.” The answer to both those questions is simple. “Study Days” were put in place by my college to mark the middle of the semester. It is supposed to be a benchmark in which you attempt to get a good portion of your conference work done.  However, most people don’t do what “Study Days” are intended for and go home, which is why I did with my friend Rachel.  Since this is the case I need a motivator to make sure that I read at least a couple books over the next few days.

ENTER the Readathon.

So to begin, my goal for today is to read The Castle of Otranto by Horace Walpole. It was not on my list of books to read for the Fall into Reading Challenge but its short, and gothic and should be a good lead-in to Halloween. After I finish this book I need to begin reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and then The Gulag Archipeligo by Aneksander Solzhenitsyn.

I will post back here with a review of The Castle of Otranto when I am done and in the meantime you can watch me tweet updates on my Twitter account using the hashtag #readathon

See you all in a few hours.


2 thoughts on “Halloween Readathon Update #1

  1. Hey! I guess the readathon is good then to help you catch up, glad it could help. 😉
    Have fun and don’t forget to enter the 9 minichallenges on the blog to win some prizes!

    1. Yea it is good. The issue is that my schoolwork has been keeping me up a lot at night as well so I am so tired I keep falling asleep on the books I am supposed to be reading. It’s been two days and I have yet to finish Castle of Otranto which is only a hundred pages long.

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