The Inevitable: The New Years Resolution

Sorry for the gap between updates but as NaNoWriMo came to a close I found myself in an editing frenzy for the end of the semester.  My final paper for “Hail Wedded Love: Marriage and Courtship from Milton to Austen” ended up being forty-four pages and edited about three to four times.  Also within those last couple weeks I had an op-ed that needed editing, articles for the school paper that had to be turned in, and another smaller paper for my history lecture.

Many all-nighters during this time meant that I was exhausted and had very little time to read for fun. However, since the year is almost over, I feel it is about time to address a resolutions I have made for myself.

I have read quite a few articles over the years on how to make a proper New Years resolution that you can stick to, and overall they suggest sticking to positive things. For example: “I will jog a mile each morning” is better then “I won’t eat so much fast food.” That is the mentality I tried to stick to in making these resolutions that I should (hopefully stick to). My hope is to look back at this post a year from now and see which resolutions I kept and which one I failed at. My hope is tracking my progress on my blog will also help me stick to them.

1. Read, Write, Read, Write: Improve my Writing One Chapter at a Time

Christmas dinner lead me to the revelation that an elementary school teacher who is a good friend of the family thought I was a good writer in fifth grade. That’s great and made me feel really good about myself, but there is always room for improvement. One of my many mantras when it comes to writing is that nothing is ever complete.

In the bookstore near school I found a copy of The Making of a Story by Alice LaPlante. It has fourteen chapters detailing different aspects of writing. The book has 677 pages of instruction and details on how to write. The reviews on Amazon have been generally positive which led me to believe this book could be useful.

My goal with this book is to read a chapter a month and continuously edit my previous NaNoWriMo novel before I attempt another next November.

2.  Off The Shelf Challenge

As pointed out to me many times by my mother, my room is full of books. (I shall take photos before the new year.) This challenge is supposed to help me eradicate some of this pile.

The challenge is hosted by BA Reading Challenges and is done in levels. I myself have decided that I would aim for level four or five which would put my reading at about 50-75 books from my shelf. This would translate to roughly a book a week, which would of course be reviewed here.

My post for this challenge can be found here.

3. Knit, Knit, Knit

This summer my knitting went on a steady decline, which is why this blog has not featured any finished objects (FOs) since its creation.  However, I recently made a list of things I wanted to make and things that people have commissioned me to make and it currently totals about nine items, plus a few pairs of socks I am currently working on for myself.

For Christmas I received a copy of Cookie A.’s Knit. Sock. Love from my mother and I want to set the goal of eventually knitting all the patterns in the book at least once. I also have her first book Sock Innovation which I have only made a couple patterns from but still want to work with.

Along with the goal comes one of my latest obsessions Hogwarts at Ravelry. I signed up for this term and was sorted into Slytherin House, also currently I’m the prefect of Slytherin house. Currently the three courses they are teaching are: Astronomy, Herbology, and History of Magic. This term ends January 17th, same as my semester vacation, which leaves me with lots of time to knit away.

4.  Journaling is Might

A couple years ago I discovered Embodiment and had good intentions in sticking to their initiative. They encourage writing at least a little bit a day and I thought the practice would be a good one, but I fell off the wagon pretty quickly. So I’ve decided to make it my goal to keep my eyes open and write down anything that inspires me. At least one sentence every day for 2010 in my journal.

5. Project 365, Photos that is

Much of what I have written about so far involve lifestyle changes and commitment.  Well, this one is no different.

Project 365, is a photography project where participants commit to taking one photo a day.  Years ago I was an intern with Laurie Klein Photography where I got to experiment with my own style of photographs. It was a great experience and when I met with her a year and a half later to do a show with the other girls she mentored she suggested committed to something similar. As I am somewhat out of practice with my use of a camera I think this would be a really good option for me to try to get back into the swing of things.

I used to be really good at capturing people in portraits and I want to do that again as well as photograph things like still lives.  My SLR camera needs to be repaired because the shutter is sticking and eventually I want to buy a digital SLR for myself, but a $500 camera seems pointless at the moment when I have not been actively taking pictures.

Benefits of Project 365

While these plans all involve a bit of a time commitment I also have other monthly plans such as ScriptFrenzy and NaNoEdMo to occupy my time as well.  In addition to some current projects that are going to carry into the Ne Year. Currently I am reading all of Kate Morton’s books for a review essay I am writing for a class. (Perhaps even sending to a couple places in hopes of seeing it in print.)


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