Messy Rebirth

art by DorottyaS 

Trying to revive things can sometimes be a messy business. Of course in this case it isn’t so much messy as long overdue.  Since the last update I have been trying to adjust to life outside of college. I filled my days with four different part time jobs and now that I have managed to get back down to only two I think I can safely dedicate some time to my blog.  I have been trying to do research for a novel and I have taken photography up as a hobby again.  So I have lots of angles that I am hoping to explore in the coming weeks. To try to keep this blog on a regular schedule I am putting two weekly columns in place.

TEN TUESDAY || This will be a list post on Tuesday. Sometimes with a theme, sometimes with just some interesting things.  This will start next Tuesday with a list I am very excited about.

(NON) FICTION FRIDAY || Too many books and no ambition. If I don’t have to write a paper on it, it seems like I am not in a rush to finish it. So now I am giving you guys (Non) Fiction Friday. Each Friday I will post a book review, it can be any genre, but will probably stay in the realm of novels for the most part.  This is what I originally set this blog up to do, but when my junior year started I found that I wasn’t able to review as much as I would like because I wasn’t reading for fun. This will be an attempt to get back at that, and this should start on Friday

SHUTTERBUG SATURDAY || In conjunction with my attempt at Project 365 and Photo-a-Day I will make one post with the best picture from each day.  That will start, tomorrow.

That covers most of the revamp. Hopefully I will be able to post more here and there regarding other projects and interesting things I find on the internet. You can also find my in the links on the sidebar for other social media tools.


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