VOTING DAY #3: Status of the Geek and Sundry Vlog Submission

Big Sis, Little Sis by Lauren Busser
Big Sis, Little Sis by Lauren Busser

So this is voting day three.

Overwhelming the response I get in regards to the video is that it is awesome. I wasn’t expecting anywhere near that response. As I write this the video is comfortably sitting around 72 votes. I have decided that after I reach certain benchmarks I am going to release bonus videos. Two of which will be features on my best models and one of which will be the outtakes from the submission itself. The first one will occur after I reach 100 votes. So if you haven’t voted today please take a second and vote for my vlog.

You might wonder what future episodes of this vlog will include. This vlog is about photography and how you get a better photo. Now you can read manuals about that all day and night but when it comes down to it the information can be pretty dry. What I am proposing with this vlog is not just an instructional series but a comical series. What is currently known and Cain and I, is a story that is going to involve me fighting with my camera. Verbally, I mean. I won’t throw my camera against the wall no matter how angry I get, that is just camera abuse.  Plus it will probably be the end of the vlog.

There is also opportunity in this vlog for audience participation. If we learn something new I want you guys to be able to submit to the Tumblr page and we can interact there. There are lots of photo challenges out there including photo-a-day but I also want to delve into all the photos we have already taken with nostalgia challenges and things like that.

In the Wind by Lauren Busser
In the Wind by Lauren Busser

So if you have voted today, your task is to go and like the video or subscribe to the channel. If the thought of committing terrifies you. Comment on the video via the YouTube channel. Remember you can’t vote via YouTube, you have to vote through the Geek and Sundry page with my submission.

I’ll make another update later today or tomorrow either in the form of a video message or a text post like this one. Until then, keep up the support, interact with me, and please send the Geek and Sundry link to all of your friends, family, barbers, babysitters, gardeners, friends of your parents, friends of your children, even any household pets that are capable of using a computer.

Remember you can vote once a day until June 27th so please keep visiting, keep voting, and keep taking pictures.


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