TEN TUESDAY: Ten Reasons The World Needs Another Photography Vlog

There are a lot of photographers out there and there are a fair share of photography vlogs. Why is this one different? Because this isn’t just about how to take a photo and how to use filters in Instagram, but it is also about the growing relationship between humans and technology. So here are ten reasons why you need to vote for my submission on Geek and Sundry Vlogs.

1. Name a Piece of Technology that You Didn’t Want to Kick in the Rear When It Glitched!  The reason I name everything in my life is because when things go south, I need something to call the blasted thing in order for my anger to go away. It’s kind of like that Mythbusters episode when they test if swearing helps reduce pain, except in this case it’s just so that I don’t take my frustration out on other people.

And in case you were wonder.

My car is named Gina.
My cell is named Beverly.
The Canon AE-1 featured in the vlog is Adama.
My old laptop is called Galactica (and later Galactica Imposter because it was the same model just a loaner).
My new computer is named Voyager.
And of course if you watch my video, you know my new DSLR is named Cain.

2. Photography is a life skill. If you are getting ready to type a counter argument, stop! No, really stop! How many times do you wish that you could have taken a better photo of your family or of something in nature or captured the perfect candid shot? Did you say yes to any of those? Good, relax those fingers. If you said no, then go ahead and type away we can engage in arguments in the comments.

The ability to capture what you want in an image is important, it’s why SLRs are awesome because they let you control everything, but even point and shoot cameras have the same basic controls to manipulate. There is a lot to cover and if you have a question on how to take a better photo without photoshop, I want to hear from you. Comment on the channel or the video or something. I want to help.

2013-05-05 21.21.05
The Humming Meadow by Lauren Busser

3.  You can Hack a Camera I’ve never actually done it there are people who hack cameras to get them to do all kinds of cool stuff. If that sounds like something cool, leave a comment and I will see what I can get it to do. There are even some really cool camera app hacks that you can play with, including one that trains your cat to take photos. (Yes I am serious!)

4. Lighting is Hard, Dude Not gonna lie. I paid attention to the shadow unit in elementary school but only so much of that experience stayed with me. So here are some questions that you can ask: What time of day is the best time to take a photo? How can I make shadows exaggerated if that is what I want to go for? What is the best kind of lighting for a interior photo? All of these are legitimate questions that can be addressed.  (Also see reason six.)

5. That iPhone in your Hand Has a Pretty Decent Camera The world of iPhoneography is vast and has a lot of noise but if you use your cell phone camera right you can make a great deal of beauty and art. I love experimenting with apps, playing with filters and editing programs. There are a ton of apps on my phone that do this and they continue to release more. These are things I am passionate about that I can talk about with you and would love to discuss with you.

6. Play that Funky Music White Boy Okay I am not sure how a song from the 70s fits in with this, but honestly there are also ways to filter your flash and do all sorts of really cool experimental lighting that we can explore. There is a pocket device out on the market that calls itself a “Light show in your pocket.” Yep, you can create a disco with this little thing. Imagine shooting some birthday shots with that up your sleeve!

7.  There Are Ways to Hack that Fancy Digital Camera to Do Really Cool Things: So years ago there were these awesome toy cameras and now many people want those affects with their digital SLRs. So lenses are popping up and filters and all these crazy cool things that give you effects like light leaks and such without having to carry around a toy camera in addition to your main camera. (Also lenses are the bomb!)

8. Cute doggies!!! There are two cute rescue dogs in my life who will probably make an appearance in the vlog. One has already been featured in my 100 votes video. The other will come out to play at 300, and that one has a lot of personality. Here are some pics as a tease:

2013-06-04 13.46.052013-06-04 14.03.13

9. You know it is time to conquer the world of video when you get texts commenting on how you are everywhere. No seriously, I got a text from my mom telling me that she googled me last week and I seem to be all over the internet. So I am not Big Brother (or Betty White) but I figured it might be good to invade YouTube too and if I can make people laugh with my frustration, that’s excellent.

10. I am not above bribery baked goods.  So among the other talents I have, I bake pretty awesome food. I like photographing it and all of that stuff too and if I come up with a new recipe, maybe I will make a vlog about how to photograph your pastry creations. Lots of opportunity here.

So if you need another reason of have any questions for me you can comment here, or on the video, and you can also like and subscribe to the channel. And as always, vote here! You can vote once a day until June 27th so keep voting and another update will be coming soon.


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