The Day Has Come: The Last Day to Vote on the Geek and Sundry Vlog You Like the Best (And I offer a bribe for votes!)

To my followers and friends. I know I have probably been a pain in the butt with the number of times my Geek and Sundry voting link has come across your screen. Quick update on the status of my standing in the competition. The top vlog on the leaderboard has 4,000 votes, I don’t even a tenth of that.  But when the voting went live, I decided that I wasn’t going to go down without a fight. Current stats put the likelihood of me being in the Top 30 for one of Geek and Sundry’s ten new vlog spots is something like 1 in 32.  (Better than my odds of winning the lottery.) So, long story short, I am not apologizing for the constant shameless self promotion, but I am now offering you a chance to be rewarded for all you support.

2013-05-09 10.35.20
Waiting by Lauren Busser

Over the past week I have made bonus videos for my followers every 100 votes.  Since I am just shy of 300 I have made a 100 vote and a 200 vote bonus video.

In addition to my 300 vote bonus vlog I am going to spend Friday making a “Thank You” video.  What will be in this thank you video you ask? I thought I would thank anyone who voted for me with a brief mention. The closest thing I can think to relate this to is Sam Carter’s eulogy for Dr. Fraiser in “Heroes (Part II)” from Stargate SG-1.  If you happen to have no idea what I am talking about watch the below YouTube video and then imagine it being delivered without the death premise.

If you want, what I need you to do is vote for my video and and then either leave your name and a link in the comments or tweet me with the name you want mentioned. This is also your chance to promote your own project since I will be posting links and annotating the cheese out of this video. 

Additionally, I will be making and photographing margarita cupcakes (yes the recipe actually calls for tequila) and making a mini monster-mash stop motion. 

2000-01-01 00.00.40-2
So vote and many rewards will be beamed your way. Once again I thank you guys for your support, and regardless of if I make it onto the next phase of not I am hoping to continue my vlogs, either on a regular or semi-regular basis. (Somehow I will post a schedule.)

Remember, vote here and leave a message in my ask and I will be sure to vote for you. Until those videos I just want to thank you guys so much and I appreciate everything you have done to get me thus far.


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