TEN TUESDAY: 10 Favorite Vloggers and a Bit About The #NewVloggerArmy

A few weeks ago I entered the vlog talent search on Geek and Sundry.  I didn’t advance to round two but there are a few things I will take away from this experience. What was really surprising to me was how respectful and inclusive everyone was in this competition.  The forums on Geek and Sundry had things like a Vlogger Dance Party, hangouts, and general crazy self-promotion ideas. What came out of the community, has to be the best thing about this.  Thanks to one vlogger, we have discovered that Geek and Sundry’s ulterior motive in this talent search.

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to #NewVloggerArmy.

What is #NewVloggerArmy? You ask. It’s where the geeks take over the internet with their obsessions. A good number of people have expressed that they were going to continue their vlogs regardless. So here I am giving you my next #TenTuesday with a list of awesome vloggers, both still in contention for a slot on Geek and Sundry, but many not.

1. Kiri Callagan — Kiri Callagan’s vlog Wit & Whimsy is going to cover a variety of subjects. To give you an idea she’s already covered misused words, ninjas, and kitchen chemistry. I have had a few conversations with Kiri over Twitter and almost every single time she manages to get a song stuck in my head. She’s bubbly and lots of fun to watch.

2. Dael Kingsmill — The last time I picked up any sort of mythology was in high school and it was the Odyssey. I had no desire to read that and I haven’t thought much about it since, but I do like mythology and so Dael’s “The Story of Sissy Face” intrigued me. Of course it never occurred to me that it meant Sisyphus. I originally clicked on it because I have a dog named Sissy with an adorable face, but I don’t regret clicking.

3. Kristen Brumley (Stay In Character) — Before this vlog competition I had only heard of LARPing in the context of  Good Luck Charlie, where they ridiculed it. (Honestly, it is starting to make me think that the Disney channel cannot embrace geekery or niche hobbies at all.) Kristen’s vlog however, is a vlog about LARPing told through LARPing characters. I could say more but it really speaks for itself. Plus, it got picked up by LARPing.org and will be on their channel once a month starting in September.

4. Scott Tumilty (Scott’s Old School Pixel Party) — He started playing bad games while drunk but now this Scotsman from Glasgow is…still doing that.  Scott’s audition video and second round video are hilarious. However, while voting was happening he did a voting vlog every day. THAT IS A LOT OF VLOGS!  Take a  visit to his channel and watch the crazy unfold.

5.  RandomliNikki Her video happened to be about Nostalgia but Nikki’s channel has many more videos. Some of my favorite are about her giving her future child advice, but they are so funny and that kid is going to be so entertained (when it ultimately exists).  Plus she just wants to brighten your day.

6.  Paige Lavoie I love art and I have never consider making a comic but Paige has inspired me to give it a chance.  I need to do her challenge still but I think this might be constructive to my writing.

7. Joseph Knitt — I spent my senior year studying Gothic novels. Castles are an essential part. Plus I really love the novel Frankenstein. So his vlog seemed to encompass things that I loved. Plus castles in general enchant me and he has a great delivery and hilarity.

8. Mitch Hutts (Critical Hit Cocktails) — Four words. Drinks and video games. I don’t play lots of video games but I do like mixing drinks.

9.  Sarah Braun (Big Damn TV Geek) I’ve know Sarah for a couple years through Twitter. We actually met via a Whedony chat about Dollhouse. We are geeky for television, so it is no surprise she is on this list.  In her audition video she listed five shows she loved that are not on TV anymore (yes including ALL of Joss Whedon).

10. 2 Broke Geeks (Omar and Mia) — Hobbies are expensive. Being a geek doesn’t have to be.  2 Broke Geeks gives you tips and trips for how to save money and be a geek at the same time.

So there is a list of ten vloggers I enjoy watching. If you are looking for more to check out, look at Jens Reinking’s channel. He has a vlog series about how to be a better geek and also hosts these cool things called #GeekendHangouts every Saturday. There were so many vloggers in this competition that I probably could have made this list several times over but the best advice I can give you is to get out there and explore.  There are so many people out there who vlog about all kinds of things.

Regarding my own vlog. I am hoping to keep it up and I am going to release one video a week. I am not sure what schedule it will be on, but I am looking forward to fangirling and sharing things that are just awesome with you. I’ve got some rebranding that is going to happen and maybe more. Keep an eye out and I will let you know when the photography stuff begins again.


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