TEN TUESDAY: 10 Television Themes I Love

Ever notice when you watch television that there are hardly any opening credits left? This makes me sad because I love opening credits and I think they set the tone for the series. Here are ten of my favorite opening credits.

1. Caprica — The creators of Caprica said they didn’t want to just throw the name up on the screen. So they came up with this sequence, which sets up the relationships between the characters.

2. Orange is the New Black — This new Netflix Original Series Orange is the New Black sports a new song from Regina Spektor with haunting images of inmates eyes.

3. Firefly — I love Firefly and I love the theme tune.  This is one of the songs that seems to stand the test of time. Even though the show was cancelled years ago the song is still covered on YouTube.

4. Rizzoli and Isles — Boston was an Irish city and this opening sequence sets that part of this cop show up perfectly.

5. Weeds — Watch this opening carefully…then tell me what you see.

6. Pretty Little Liars — I heard this song years ago, but I loved seeing it in this context. It sets up the premise well enough and the song is haunting enough to stay with you.

7. Sanctuary — Over the course of three four seasons this opening was radically shortened but I love the original.

8. Battlestar Galactica (2003) — Battlestar Galactica is one of the shows that brought back my love of sci-fi. My friend actually managed to translate the lyrics to the song being played and it is just as beautiful in English.

9. Warehouse 13 — Warehouse 13 is entering its final season but I really loved this opening from the beginning.

10. The X-Files — The X-Files was one of my sci-fi drugs and this opening just epitomizes how weird the show really was. And yet I still love it.

If you want to watch all the openings at once. You can watch them all in this YouTube playlist I created and in the meantime tell me some of your favorite opening sequences in the comments below.